• SKETCHBOOK by Ana Frois
  • SKETCHBOOK by Ana Frois
  • SKETCHBOOK by Ana Frois


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Framed Artwork for In Store Pickup Only. Unframed available for shipping via pre order.

  • sizes: 50x50, 100x100
  • unframed and framed available in all sizes.
  • frame colours available: oak, black & white.

Framed art print by Ana Frois, printed on 265g high quality art paper.

Ana Frois is an artist and architect from Portugal. She is a graduate from the university of Coimbra. Since 2012, and after a decade of architecture practice, she gradually dedicated herself almost exclusively to drawing and visual arts. Her work explores the ideas of the home, the record of the passage of time and nature transformed through drawing, photography and installations. Ana Frois has exhibited regularly in Portugal and she has participated in the 2019 Damme City Festival in Belgium.