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ROSA by Berit Mogensen Lopez


ROSA by Berit Mogensen Lopez: Oak Framed Art Print 

Available for In Store Pickup or enquire about delivery within Metro Adelaide -

Framed art print by Berit Mogensen Lopez, printed on 265g high quality art paper with a natural oak frame.

  • colour: Multi
  • height: 100cm
  • width: 70cm
  • depth: 4cm
  • available sizes: 40x30, 50x40, 70x50, 100x70. Please contact us to order an alternate size.

About Berit Mogensen Lopez

Berit Mogensen Lopez is a textile designer from the Danish School of Design. Since 2001 she has mainly worked with designing clothing and prints to the fashion industry. More recently she has worked within furniture textiles, developing her own line of hand crafted rugs based on her geometric collages, which focus on colors and graphic compositions.

"My art prints are a result of my 10-year experience in working on the interior design field. I combine my styling and decorating experience with my love of design and my artistic instincts and I create art prints that fit a contemporary interior with a focus on natural, minimalistic and sophisticated style. I’m deeply inspired by a slow and simple way of living, by the quality vs quantity mindset of the Scandinavian design and I am a big fan of the muted color palettes and monochromatic schemes."

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