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FAMILY OF VOLAX by Alexandra Papadimouli


FAMILY OF VOLAX by Alexandra Papadimouli: Oak Framed Art Print

Available for In Store Pickup only.

Framed art print by Alexandra Papadimouli, inspired by the unique giant rocks that surround Volax village, Greece. Printed on 265g high quality art paper with a natural oak frame.

  • colour: Blush Pink, Off-White
  • height: 40cm
  • width: 30cm
  • depth: 2cm
  • available sizes: 40x30, 70x50, 100x70. Please contact us to order an alternate size.

About Alexandra Papadimouli

Designer Alexandra Papadimouli lives and works in Greece. Through her work, she aims to combine minimalistic Nordic style and themes inspired by the Aegean islands.

Her main inspiration source is the island of Tinos, her second home: the sea with the ever-changing colours and moods, the rough and proudly standing rocks, the wise local architecture.

In her own words "...each of my prints has a story behind it: A shape and its origin, a form and its function, all ready to be discovered.”

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