• Bowl Candle Holder Single: Blackened Aluminium

Bowl Candle Holder Single: Blackened Aluminium


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This candle holder has a simple, elegant form with a distinctive, rough and rich texture owing to the material of casted metal. Use the candle holder on its own or in the company of other candle holders in various heights to create a unified, cosy atmosphere.

  • colour: Blackened Aluminium
  • material: 100% recycled casted aluminium
  • height (cm): 2.7
  • diameter (cm): 10
  • care instructions: 

    Wipe with a dry cloth and do not use abrasive materials or chemicals for cleaning
  • warning: Make sure to extinguish the candle before it reaches the brass part, as this may heat up and leave marks. Never leave a lit candle out of sight.