Sector Shelving Series

A new and modern take on mid-century shelving units, Sector is defined by its sturdy simplicity and classic combination of wood and brass. Choose between natural oak veneer or black stained ash veneer with brackets of either polished or blackened brass.

The Sector Shelves can be used as a standalone shelf, or combined to form one larger shelving unit. Use them to display books and favourite objects in the office or living room, or for open storage the kitchen. The shelving system is available in two sizes and is attached to the wall by the solid wood uprights with visible brass or black screws.

The Sector Desk can likewise be used as a standalone surface or combined with the Sector Shelves of your choice to form one integrated and cohesive workspace. A short border at the end of the desk forms a small, narrow space that’s ideal for propping up hand-written notes or a favourite photograph.