• MONDAY by Anna Johansson
  • MONDAY by Anna Johansson
  • MONDAY by Anna Johansson

MONDAY by Anna Johansson

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Framed Artwork for In Store Pickup Only. Unframed available for shipping via pre order.

  • sizes: 30X40, 50X70
  • unframed and framed available in all sizes.
  • frame colours available: oak, black & white.
  • please contact studio@asserco.com.au to order any size not in stock.

    Framed art print by Anna Johnasson, printed on 265g high quality art paper.

    Anna Johansson is a Swedish artist, based in Stockholm. Besides her art prints, she is a creative director and shoe designer.

    “For me creating things should be an unforced and happy process. I believe in not following recipes or how-to- ideas. I just do. As a child, I was very fascinated by architecture, glass art, dance, and interior design. I was certainly a bit odd when I think about it. But I have always had a need to express myself with my hands and visualize what I have in my head. With my background in art and fashion design, it became natural to start working with fashion drawing. This has since resulted in more art forms as abstract sculptures and paintings.

    When people ask me what inspires me I often tell them that it comes without me knowing it. I think it is very fascinating that the things we pick up in our subconsciousness could later be shown in the things we create. For me, art should not be so complicated. I want to invite people into my artistic world and blur out boundaries between the difficult and complex art with a few clicks of color and dashes here and there.”