New Arrivals

The latest from Denmark now at Asser & Co just in time for Mother's Day!

Oversized Water Swirl Vase

The mouthblown and oversized Water Swirl Vase recalls a whirl of cascading liquid. With its translucent coloured glass, the vase achieves a light and effortless, almost dancing, expression despite being crafted from solid, massive glass. Fill the vase with flowers or stalks, or style it solo and enjoy how the sun filters through the transparent glass. Enjoy the unique twists and curves of each individual piece, as no two vases are identical. Available in Amber, Light Yellow, Moss Green & Smoked Grey.

Rotben Sculptural Piece

Whether you use it as a stool or a side table, Rotben makes an artistic, sculptural impression in your home. Made in collaboration with the Norwegian artist Øfstedal Eng, the sculptural piece is formed entirely from 100% recycled casted aluminum, and features looped, organically formed legs that beautifully contrast the metallic material. Suitable for use outdoors.


Entwine & Casca Vases

NEW Entwine vases from ferm LIVING are mouth-blown and handmade so each Entwine Vase is unique. Adorned with twisted glass bands that wrap around the cylindrical vase, you can glimpse their curves through the semi-opaque coloured glass.

The NEW Casca Vase is a playful, colourful addition to your home. The mouth-blown glass has an asymmetrical, organic shape and the irregular pattern of monochrome spots is unique to each vase. Mix and match then new additions with the ever popular Muses or Anse Vase Collections to make a decorative statement all on its own.


Brass Curvature Hooks

The ferm LIVING Curvature family is a series of organically shaped hooks and hangers that have been hand formed in solid brass with a matte finish. The whimsical curves juxtapose the solidity of the material, and make a playful, functional addition to any bedroom, bathroom, hallway or kitchen.  Crafted by hand, no two hooks are identical.


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