Marble Elegance from ferm LIVING

 A range in which every piece is unique, we take a closer look at the origins of this exquisite natural product.


Lets Talk About Bidasar Marble....

You might have already noticed the special kind of marble in our ferm LIVING collection: the brown Bidasar marble. Both the Bendum and Scape series are made using this extraordinary marble – named after the village Bidasar in the Indian region Rajasthan from where it is found.
The stone is a so-called metamorphic rock, shaped by the alterations of nature. The characteristic linear pattern stems from the chemical processes of the earth, while the lines are traces of the roots from surrounding trees. The stone varies in colour due to the differences of the mineral levels which is why no product from both series looks the same. You will always have an exclusive piece!

The Bendum & Scape Series

The Bendum range of accessories includes a soap dish, cup, vase and lidded box - all of which can be used in any room of your home. Along with the Bendum series, we introduce a statement centre piece with the Scape bowl. All these products are made of the same stone, despite their different expression.
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Marble Hooks & Knobs

Hooks on the wall or knobs on your cabinet doors and drawers can make all the difference to a room. The ferm LIVING range includes large and small hooks which feature brown Bidasar marble set in either a brass or stainless steel mount.

With inspiration taken from the fashion world, namely from jewellery and accessories made of gemstones, these hooks and knobs embellish your home with the classic aesthetic of honest materials, such as cast iron, semi-precious stones, marble, and brass.

Use the same hooks, or experiment with mixing the different earthy materials to achieve an engaging expression with many, smaller focal points. 

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