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Make First Impressions Count

 Whether you're fitting out a commercial foyer, or re-working the entrance hall and hallway of your home, ferm LIVING have some special pieces which will create a welcoming and practical space. Offering more than simply a functional furniture piece, each product in the ferm LIVING range is an example of considered and
sculptured beauty.

''Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.''

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Place Bench

Approaching this furniture piece as an art form, the design of the Place Bench has a bold and robust expression, while the long, tranquil lines add to its simple outline based on pure geometric components. Made of blackened steel, it presents a console option full of character as well as a sturdy and durable seating option. With its deliberately unbalanced composition, its appearance changes with different perspectives.

Bevy Tufted Rug

One of a limited edition of just 200 copies in the world, the ferm LIVING Bevy Tufted Wall Deco in Dark Blue is a very special and contemporary take on the classic still life. Combining organic shapes and abstract art, this piece can make an artful statement on a wall, or laid on the floor. It features high and low piles, accentuating the tactility and pattern of the rug.


Pujo Coat Stand

The Pujo series of furniture pieces is a collaboration between ferm LIVING and Finnish design duo Studio Finna, and  reflects a fascination for the lines of nature. 

With its simple yet captivating design, the Pujo Coat Stand balances functionality in an artistic piece of furniture. A geometric look adds to the sculptural references, creating a beautiful focal point for a bedroom, entrance or hallway. 


Place Pedestal

Be welcomed with a different look, dependent on your view point! The Place Pedestal has a simple outline based on pure geometric shapes. With its deliberately unbalanced composition, this elegant piece offers a beautiful opportunity to display your favourite decorative objects. Like the rest of the series, the Place Pedestal is made of powder coated steel, presenting a sturdy and durable furniture piece full of character 


Adorn Full Length Mirror

A mirror by your entry door is the best insurance you'll ever need to make sure you look your best as you walk out the door!
Adorned with an elegant black mounting, this full-size mirror is designed with a clear reference to the world of jewellery. Place the Adorn full length mirror leaning up against a wall, or mount it on a wall using the eyelets on the backside.
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