Like Jewels in the Crown

A new world of Architectural Hardware


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The smallest of details make the biggest difference.

Hooks on the wall, or knobs on your cabinet doors can make all the difference in a room. The jewel like range of  architectural hardware from ferm LIVING takes inspiration from the world of jewellery and accessories made of gemstones.

This exquisite range features the classic aesthetic of honest materials such as cast iron, semi-precious stones, marble and brass.

Create a fluid scheme using uniform hooks, or experiment with mixing varying earthy materials to achieve a truly bespoke and engaging expression with many, smaller focal points.


When you consider that we spend the majority of our lives opening and closing cabinets, cupboards, and drawers, it makes sense to spare more than a thought for the details of cabinetry design.

Such crucial details are the hallmark of great kitchen design, and regardless of the style and scale of your kitchen, everyone can achieve a "Vogue-worthy" look with the right amount of thought to the details that matter.

Rustic or refined, classic or cutting-edge contemporary, your kitchen cabinets are the perfect backdrop to place your individual signature.


The Helena Rohner Series

ferm LIVING x Helena Rohner

The celebrated Madrid based jewellery designer Helena Rohner brings her signature aesthetic to ferm LIVING with a series of decorative objects for the home.

Helena has designed a series of 3 practical hooks sculpted from solid brass and stainless steel, with reflective finishes. Shapes are inspired by the convex shape of the chanterelle mushroom with its characteristic unfurled cap, the gentle rounded shape of a lemon with tapered ends, and the dome shaped classic champignon mushroom.

Originally formed by hand, the shapes bring a human touch to interiors. Use them in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom or bedroom to hang towels or clothes.

Engraved with the initials of both Helena Rohner and ferm LIVING, the hooks come perfectly packaged in their own fabric  pouch.


"I wanted to create art for everyday use
that enhances the design experience in
a casual way. This enables crucial consumer interaction 
with the design at eye-level."
- Helena Rohner
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