A Sustainable Summer with ferm LIVING

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ferm LIVING are turning plastic into a beautiful
series of outdoor textiles.

Here is the story behind how they are doing it....

Images of plastic washing up on shores and turning into mountains of rubbish are too frequent images in our daily lives. With a problem this big, it calls for clever solutions. With the help of specialised technology, ferm LIVING have created a series of textiles made entirely from used plastic bottles. This way, you get incredibly durable textiles while helping to clean up the oceans.
Ferm Living has created an incredibly stylish outdoor chair with a detachable textile sling saddle made from 53 recycled plastic bottles. The Desert Chair is a modernist chair, crafted from a tubular powder-coated black steel frame. This incredible project had been listed in the sustainable design category for the prestigious Dezeen Awards.
The sling seat is available in four designs: Soil, Stripes, Shapes or Solid cashmere. Suitable for use both indoors and out, the lounge design invites sophisticated relaxation. Perfect for around the pool or under the verandah.

Arriving at Asser & Co in November, we are now taking PRE ORDERS in store and online for the perfect, sustainable Summer chair!

The Way Series: A Sustainable Alternative

292 Bottles - One Rug

magic of technology transforms upcycled plastic bottles  into rugs, cushions, and mats made from plastic into textiles with a soft, lovely touch and feel. Not only is this clever textile practical, easily cleaned, and suitable for outdoor use, it also feels just as luxurious as any other woollen rug.

The repurposed PET-yarn is woven into a two-tone design with a tactile, yet durable finish. Finished with an asymmetrical row of fringed trim, these design details underscore a handmade feel.

There are 5 steps involved in turning plastic bottles into the yarn used for the Way series. 
1. Collecting bottles
2. Crushing them
3. Compressing them into compact entities
4. Converting the compressed bottles into small chips
5. Processing the chips in carding machines

Finally you have a material you can spin into yarns.

ferm LIVING are dedicated to do better every day. They know that even if the Way series will only make a small contribution, it is a step in a better direction.
The Way series is available now in two colour ways: Sugar Kelp and Off White/Blue. The collection features:
- 2m x 1.4m rug
- 70cm x 1.8m runner
- 70cm x 50cm mat
- 70cm x 50cm  cushion
And all the Way series can be used outside, too!

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